Disaster Recovery

Considering that companies are more reliant than ever on their IT systems, Fibrenex can help you prepare for the worst so that your business can be kept up and running.

Every business needs to have a Disaster Recovery Plan protecting it from theft, fire, flood, hardware failure or any other major disaster. This is something that we pride ourselves on delivering to our customers.

Fibrenex will help you address any single point of failure in order to minimise any downtime, which allows for an automated process to be put into place. By doing so, your business will run smoothly as any downtime you might experience otherwise will be eliminated.

Fibrenex utilise the cutting edge of technology to implement, monitor and frequently test the entire backup process ensuring your business is secure. Couple this with our IT Strategy Planning services and you can be certain that your business is safe, and ready to go should the unpredictable happen.



Why work with Fibrenex?



We deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations and advice



We ensure that your new services are delivered as quickly as possible for a seamless transition process



Through leading manufacturers, we supply flexible and innovative tailor-made system solutions



We appreciate the business critical nature of our services, so always offer proactive and reassuring support