Intelligent Numbering

An intelligent number is a number of your choice independent of the telephone line which intelligently manages your calls on your behalf:

Non Geographic Virtual Numbers enables you to have non-geographic numbers for your business telephone and fax numbers. These Virtual numbers will remain the same even if the company relocates anywhere in the world.

01/02 Local Numbers
Fibrenex’s Virtual numbers enable your business to publish a number linking to every city you wish to target enquiries from even though your business may be based hundreds of miles away!

0800 Freephone
Our Freephone 0800 Service provides free national access to your business for your current and prospect customers, improving caller response.

0845 Local Rate
Our local rate 0845 service offers your clients with opportunity to call you from anywhere in the UK at local call cost.

0871 Special Rate
Our 0871 numbers can generate a substantial revenue stream. These numbers can help replacing the cost of administration departments etc. These numbers are very popular.

0844 Revenue Share
Our 0844 rev share numbers provide your business with a national presence for your business, at 5p per minute anytime from all over the UK, 0844 numbers are often described as ‘lo call’ numbers.

090x Premium Rate
090X numbers can be as varied as the organisations that use them. Applications include customer care, technical help-lines, timely financial information and fast track processing of applications.

With Fibrenex’s Freephone, low-cost or national rate numbers, we can help you manage inbound calls and measure effectiveness, plus provide ‘national’ presence, numbers for life and seamless redirection.


We ensure that we’re always getting the best prices for our customers

Disaster Recovery

We know that telecoms services are business vital and that a major disaster could bring your business to a halt. Fibrenex specialises in inherently resilient solutions, but even then, disaster can still occur.

We can assist you in putting together a Disaster Recovery Plan, as well as providing off-site hosted disaster recovery solutions to continuously maintain your business operations. We’ll also produce a Business Continuity Plan for your company, allowing you to keep functioning, if for any reason your office is out of action.


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