Multisite Connectivity 

Multisite connectivity allows your business to transfer voice, VoIP and data between all your sites.

Fibrenex provide many organisations with site-to-site connectivity, connecting them to our secure and fast network.

Your business will be able to transfer HD video, VoIP, voice and data, enabling your organisation to work efficiently wherever your team is based.

Fibrenex can provide a wide range of multisite connectivity options, including:

  • Managed VPN Services – providing a secure method of connecting your sites over Ethernet, IP or SSL
  • MPLS – a traffic engineering solution which priorities traffic, ensuring quality is maintained
  • IP VPN – IPVPN is running a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using MPLS technology over IP (hence the IPVPN) to deliver a highly secure version of a VPN

As with all our connectivity options, Fibrenex is able to provide a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees 99.9% uptime for your business connectivity. We are also best placed to offer great failover solutions as well as disaster recovery plans, should the unthinkable occur. The Fibrenex team are able to discuss these solutions with you, as well as look at your wider telecoms and IT requirement to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution to cater for all your requirements.


Why work with Fibrenex?



We deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations and advice



We ensure that your new services are delivered as quickly as possible for a seamless transition process



Through leading manufacturers, we supply flexible and innovative tailor-made system solutions



We appreciate the business critical nature of our services, so always offer proactive and reassuring support