Fibre Broadband – coming to an area near you! 

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is a superfast broadband facility which provides your business with download speeds of up to 80Mb and upload speeds of up to 20Mb.

Businesses today are all about communication. Fibre Broadband is a great way of opening doors to new opportunities and a fresh way of connecting with new and prospect customers. From voice conferencing to more efficient and proactive staff, there are many other benefits to upgrading to FTTC.

How will Fibre Broadband benefit your business?
– See a radical change in service speed and quality
– Additional bandwidth will improve the performance of VPN
– Improved connectivity for multimedia and conferencing
– Reduce costs by taking advantage of VoIP

Speak to a member of Fibrenex today to see if your business is in a superfast area and how it could benefit your business.