Lines and Calls 

Fibrenex’s range of Business Lines and Calls can save you money, whilst improving line efficiency and quality within your business. By decreasing rental costs on current telephone lines or deploying new ones, we’ll supply a fixed line solution to suit your needs.

Through custom tariff structures and low cost call rates, we can also save you money on your local, national, mobile and international calls.

Fibrenex is a BT Open Reach partner which means we’re able to provide telephone lines from their network and as a consequence, source our clients with the same high quality solution but improved greatly by our own high levels of customer satisfaction.

As a considerably smaller organisation than BT, Fibrenex is able to extend far greater service levels with our dedicated service team. Should you have an enquiry or fault on your service, you will not need to negotiate a complex answering process. All our calls are resolved from our UK offices and you will receive a direct number into the team so you will have an immediate answer to all your queries. When a fault occurs, we will manage these for you and liaise directly with Open Reach to sort out the matter keeping you informed at all times. In summary, you receive the same exclusive quality solution but supplied by the Fibrenex team.



Fibrenex deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations

SIP Trunks

A SIP trunk is the most frequent way of connecting existing current phone system to the outside world in order to accept and transfer over-internet voice traffic. With the addition of a SIP trunk, users of standard PABX systems can take the advantage from next generation technologies, whilst adding capability and features.

Accessing our voice services via SIP trunks not only delivers your business with next generation technology but it also supplies you with a range of services that are not normally available over traditional technologies or if they are, they can be costly.

Many businesses choose to couple our SIP Trunks with one of our connectivity options, building a solution for your business which can scale and adapt to your evolving requirements. Furthermore, our traditional line rental options such as ISDN can be put in place as a disaster recovery or a failover option.

Our Fibrenex Technicians are in the best position to discuss your wider business requirements and put together a comprehensive end-to-end communications and IT solution for your business.


Why work with Fibrenex?



We deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations and advice



We ensure that your new services are delivered as quickly as possible for a seamless transition process



Through leading manufacturers, we supply flexible and innovative tailor-made system solutions



We appreciate the business critical nature of our services, so always offer proactive and reassuring support